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ILLEGAL Littering and Dumping breeds diseases, hurts HUMANS, WILDLIFE.
800+ Americans DIE from debris-litter vehicle crashes each year.
2014 #1 WORST: South Carolina, followed by Nevada, IN, GA, KY, WYOMING, SD, LA, MI, NM, OK.
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                                 800+ Americans KILLED EACH YEAR in Debris-Vehicle Accidents .

          2014 "worst" States: #1 SOUTH CAROLINA, followed by Nevada, IN, GA, KY,WY, SD,

       MICHIGAN, NM, OK.    

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                                DECEMBER 2014 DISGRACER:

                           Michigan Biggest  of "Dirtiest" States

#9 "worst" Michigan (tied with New Mexico, bordered by "worst" #3 Indiana) is now the Scorecard's largest anti-Green government having over eight million residents, taking away the "big worst states" 2011 title shared by Texas and Illinois [both TX, IL now 'below average']. Run by RICK SNYDER (see photo, top left), the Wolverine State's a place where both officials and citizens forsake ecological protection responsibilities, act shameful while disrespecting public spaces and precious landscapes [please click and see article].

This Midwestern government has chaotic solid waste source reduction problems, lacking modern legal controls and quality standards eco-competing states Illinois, California, Texas, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania and Washington smartly choose to have in place. Michigan remains the USA's biggest for failing to create a unique, litter-dumping reducing, state-specific behavioral slogan campaign covering 83 Counties and dozens of Townships and Cities. These slogans, proven to lower tax expenditures, exist in ALL the big competing states just mentioned (see #1 "best" Washington State's "Litter and It Will Hurt" Slogan Sign, bottomost photo).

Michigan also flops at not legislating comprehensive recycling, also found in most competing "big" states. Like a litter slogan campaign, recycling drastically reduces residential and commerical waste volumes while encouraging item reusability and energy savings--at low-to-no cost for most taxpayers and residents. From 2000-2010, Michigan was a national embarrassment--a consistent top four, "Most Wasteful" regime. EACH citizen PER DAY threw away over 11 pounds of trash--MORE waste than New Yorkers, Californians, Texans, Floridians, Illinoisans, North Carolianians, Washington Staters. The outrageous, often unrecycled, 9+ pounds a day throwaway rate for 2014--most entering municipal and rural landfills and incinerators--exceeds daily wastes in 40 states (see third photo, a major Michigan landfill, left). [Some unreused wastes, including unrecycled oil, have entered into the Kalamazoo River basin, angering watchful eyes in Washington, D.C. against unchecked, unlawful dumping behaviors permitted by unprideful, anti-Green state and local leaders].

Additionally, the Wolverine State suffers High Death Totals from vehicle-debris crashes along public roadways--over 32 persons are needlessly KILLED each year. No wonder Pew-Rockefeller rated Michigan DOT's highly inept at Environmental Stewardship practices that "trail behind" 34 states.  The terrible, statewide public spaces conditions could also stem from having the seventh highest risk for corruption in public service activities, according to State, which has faulted "abysmal" practices directed from Lansing, the State Capitol, such as Gubernatorial and Legislative Accountability, Ethics Enforcement and Internal Auditing of State Agencies (i.e. DOT and Department of Environmental Quality).

[Michigan's largest community, DETROIT, run by MIKE DUGGAN (see second photo, left) has been historically corrupt (previous Mayor served prison time) and unkempt, with possibly much more widespread littering (and debris-tire dumping, third photo, left) than media-cited leaders NEW YORK CITY, NEW ORLEANS, BALTIMORE. However, DETROIT's viewed by some observers as ecologically "too far gone"-- a threat to public health and well-being, and not a worthwhile destination for expected, American-style commerce and tourism. Unlike almost all other big cities, magazines such as TRAVEL+LEISURE refuse to assess the Motor City's actual, dreadful environmental quality of life].

Wolverine State officials and citizens have plenty of work to do in digging themselves out of their “deep doo do.” Can Michiganders be courageous, intelligent to adopt public cleanliness, ecological and safety rules Illinois, California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania already have? Or, will Michiganders remain in the backwards, pre-1970, life-threatening, trashy, pre-Green dark ages much of the rest of America had to once face?