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Please DONT BE one of 800+ Americans DYING YEARLY in Debris-Vehicle Accidents!!

            [Spring 2014-Spring 2017] "Worst" #1 S. CAROLINA, #2 NEVADA, #3 INDIANA, #4 GEORGIA, #5(tie) KENTUCKY-WYOMING, #7 S. DAKOTA, #8 LOUISIANA, #9(tie) MICHIGAN-NEW MEXICO, #10 OKLAHOMA.

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 2017, American State Litter Scorecard. NO COMMERCIAL USE. 

MAY 2017 MALTREATER: #10 "worst" OKLAHOMA  Super Human Deadly, Legislatively Corrupt, Public Performance Negligent. 

Watch for NEW! Scorecard version sometime in mid-JUNE 2017


Last year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released traffic fatality figures for the 50 states. Their report cited OKLAHOMA--the Scorecard’s #10 “worst” government (see photo 3, right)—which showed an increase in litter/debris crash deaths from vehicle impacts--to over 21 KILLED in a 12 month period. Now, the “Sooner State” has upped itself from 5th, to the 2nd CHANCE PLACE TO DIE in the USA from a collision with roadway-dumped waste and debris!! (see photos 4 and 5, right)  [Only WEST VIRGINIA--a former "worst" state, has a higher death chance—now the #1 “chance to die” location. Also, next-door TEXAS now leads all of America with a record 98 total crash deaths a year!!! from roadway debris-- over 10 percent of the approximately 800 dead nationally. The Lone Star State is now on target to regain a former Scorecard “worst” and LARGEST title ].

This “Sooner State”--rated by publicintegrity.org as among America's bottom-most, "F grade," super corrupted  (see photo 6, right) --has an incapacitated leader, MARY FALLIN (purple dress in photo 7, right). The investigation gave her failing marks, too-- for “Executive Accountability.” [This, the same government latest US EPA Director, SCOTT PRUITT (photo 8, right), hails from; worked an inside job but did little to nothing to root out Gubernatorial and other "branches" corruption]. Like PRUITT at the Attorney General’s Office, bungling, unpunished, on the job tomfooleries occured widespread across the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT), led by Director MIKE PATTERSON and (get this name and hillbilly attired!) BRAD MIRTH, State Maintenance Engineer (photos 9 and 10, right). SHAME on FALLIN, PATTERSON, MIRTH, ODOT and those state employees in any agency that deserve public condemnation and instant termination (and possibly jail time), for workplace laziness that aided, abetted in CRAZY numbers of citizens constantly KILLED upon OK's littered thoroughfares NOT due to storms or tornadoes, but by human littering and dumping.

Also in on the bungling, on-the-job tomfooleries—unpunished, and unchecked--are members of the Oklahoma City-capitoled Legislature (photo 11, right)-- members appear "owned" by Senate President BRIAN BINGMAN, previous House Speaker JEFF HICKMAN (both seen, photo 12, right), and new House Speaker CHARLES MCCALL. These men, and many other lawmakers, have said "NO" to cleaner, Greener public spaces protections citizens have demanded. They've said "NO" to Comprehensive Recycling and Containers Deposits legislation for the 77 Counties and hundreds of Communities--mechanisms already in effect in various competing governments that keep public properties litter-free, at little-to-no taxpayer cost. The Oklahoma Legislature has acted extremely irresponsibly --weak and feeble-minded--towards financing basic maintenance of public spaces (including, of course, roads)—among the most paltry, anti-Green expenditures of our 50 states. Furthermore, each Oklahoman throws away over five pounds of un-reused, un-recycled trash that ends up into landfills and incinerators (photos 13 and 14, right)-- more trash thrown PER DAY by each OKLAHOMAN than each person in the BIG states of NEW YORK, FLORIDA and CALIFORNIA--and even next-door TEXANS!

This ends the final “worst” government profile for the 2014-2017 version of the Scorecard. Profiles of the newest named “worst” states will begin around this July, so please stay tuned!

2017, American State Litter Scorecard. NOT INTENDED FOR COMMERCIAL USES.