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Please DONT BE one of 800+ Americans KILLED EACH YEAR in Debris-Vehicle Accidents!!

                  "Worst" #1 SOUTH CAROLINA, #2 NEVADA, #3 IN, #4 GA, #5 (tied) KENTUCKY-WYOMING, SD, LA, MI, NM, OK.

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 OCTOBER 2015 OGRE: KENTUCKY'S Deadly,Trash-Wasting Gaffes by Politicians, Citizens Afraid of Learning to Move Forward              

     NOTICE!!: If YOU live in MEMPHIS TN, Please Vote Oct. 8!! A top T+L "Dirtiest City" Mayored by AC Wharton. In LOUISIANA, VOTE October 24 for a NEW, CLEAN Governor to replace "dirty" leader BOBBY JINDAL!  See Article,"Dirtiest" States, Cities Seek New Leadership in 2015 Elections click on http://www.newswire.com/press-release/2015-elections-in-united-states-dirtiest-states-cities-seek-new

The anti-Green irresponsibility of "worst" #5 KENTUCKY (KY)--tied with WYOMING--in public leadership, actions of industry, and bad citizen behaviors gives credence to an old colloquial--“The Dirty South": a government with constantly “dirty” and “worst” public spaces conditions since the Scorecard’s creation; Rated "dead last in America" during the 2011-2013 period. With an huge increase in drug paraphernalia trash illegally dumped onto roadways (see 2nd photo, left), “recklessness” has tragically led to 25 (or more) DEAD EACH YEAR from crashes with litter along public roads (see 3rd and 4th photos, left). Now, KY's the 3rd “Highest Chance Place to DIE” by an debris crash in America, exceeded only by #1 and #2 “deadlier” NEW MEXICO and SOUTH DAKOTA.

Just like next-door #3 "worst" INDIANA, the Bluegrass State is known for heavy TRASH WASTEFULNESS! Each day, every Kentuckian throws away over 8 pounds of un-reused, un-recycled solid wastes, often into incinerators spewing out ugly, choking pollution, including coal ash threatening lives in and around Louisville, and those of nearby (and the cleanliness-loving) OHIOANS across the river (see 5th photo, left). And just as INDIANANS, Kentuckians loathe "modern" procedures and policies to correct the widespread, unlawfully-allowed, "human" inflictions upon once-tidier landscapes. Run by MIKE HANCOCK (6th photo, left), the KY TRANSPORTATION CABINET (KYTC) Maintenance Division embarrassed itself across America with a Pew Trust-Rockefeller Foundation rating: KYTC's work purposefully "lags behind most states" on Environmental Stewardship. The Cabinet administration is weak at foresight abilities, and when it may have the rare moment for an idea, is debilitated to share any thoughts of innovation nor acts cooperative and helpful to those few lawmakers at Frankfort, who seek improvements saving lives and reducing spent taxdollars, while protecting landscapes. The year-after-year inability to startup a statewide anti-litter slogan campaign for Counties and Cities--a proven mechanism already used at rival (and cleaner!) TENNESSEE, and most states (see "Stop Litter! Tennessee's Had Enough"--7th photo on left)--is just one example. [Like mentor SOUTH CAROLINA, KYTC foolishly puts all faith into a voluntary, limit-reaching, poor-oversighted "Adopt-a Highway" PROGRAM that fails to clean up hundreds of miles of wastes from non-KYTC roads, streets, trails, parks, waterways and other public spaces, unlike a state-mandated litter slogan campaign].

Bad governance led by blundering politicians bear heavy hands on the Bluegrass State's long history of self-inflicted ecological misfortunes, with only sheer luck or divine intervention, if any, correcting them. Just as HANCOCK's KYTC showed flagrant disregards, Governor STEVE BESHEAR--the Scorecard's poorest performing Democrat (see 8th photo, left) --displayed the same arrogant KYTC "attitude" as state CEO. Thankfully, he's term-limited after November 3. He'll be replaced by pal (and Attorney General) JACK CONWAY or Republican MATT BEVIN (see 9th and 10th photos, left), who have a chance to clean up messes left behind under BESHEAR'S and HANCOCK's misfiring's. Yet, these two candidates appear to be "on record" for a possibility to not support future, improved, "modern" Green practices shunned before, when one of them takes office in January. In a culture that prefers to value "divine intervention" much more than logical, educated commonsense in correcting environmental degradation, it remains to be seen if the once-labeled, "high corruption risk" Legislature--led by anti-Green Republican and selfish private servant ROBERT STIVERS and anti-Green Conservative Democrat and selfish private servant GREG STUMBO (last two photos, respectively)-- will seek real courage (and maybe, help from above!) to promote and pass legislation (such as Comprehensive Recycling, Container Refunds, and that Litter Slogan!) that brings KY out of the 1800's and into the 21st Century.

Please click on, enjoy reading SCOTT WARTMAN's News Story: "Kentucky Litter among the Most Foul" http://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/politics/Government/2014/08/18/kentucky-litter-among-foul/14270609/